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Grand Incredible

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Grand Incredible


Grand Incredible - Gigantic
Pop meets Rock, Rock meets Punk, Punk meets get the idea. This album meets most of your wants for an up beat summer fun album brought to you by two of the masterminds behind the Supertones. Mojo and Ethan wanted to provide those fans with a different aspect of the Supertones- so we present you Grand Incredible.
- "Gigantic" Track Listing
1. Anti-Prom
2. Big is the New Small
3. You Had Me At Hello
4. Salvation
5. Time After Time
6. Right On Time
7. The Days Are Evil
8. Los Angeles
9. Robert Horry
10. Los Lakers Por Vida
11. Rock Your Face Off
12. Be Thou My Television
13. Most Beautiful Soul
14. Here We Go
15. Corner of The Sky
16. Forgiveness Again
17. California Shore
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Rumors have been circulating around the web about a new project featuring Supertones lead singer Matt "Mojo" Morginsky and guitarist Ethan Luck. Ethan has been posting tidbits about the project's progression on the Tones' official site but hasn't exactly released a lot of details to what this project the Grand Incredible is. JfH visitors have written in with questions about the project but we haven't heard much about it. So with attending the See Spot Rock Tour on February 15th, we got a chance to sit down with Ethan to get the 411 on the new side project. Here's what we got about the Grand Incredible...
This interview took place on: 2/15/03.

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